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Prajapati was searching for a suitable groom for his 27 daughters a and he found Chandra as a better match for his daughter. Why he had such a desire to give all the daughters for one groom because he believed all the daughters are the part of same soul even though they are different in physique. He expected Chandra to treat all the wives equally, but Chandra was partial to Rohini, the red star. Chandra could never suppress or hide his dedication towards his favorite wife and Prajapati was angry because of this negligence. He cursed Chandra to grow weak out of tuberculosis and Chadra started to lose his luster. 

When Chandra and his wives were distressed Lord Shiva came to his rescue, even though he could not reverse Prajapati’s curse Lord Shiva could retain his glory partially. That’s how Chadra waxes and wanes in every two weeks. 

Rohini nakshatra is all about beauty, arts, luxury and wealth. Those belong to this nakshatra are very emotional and short tempered. The moon is exalted in this nakshatra and very powerful in this nakshatra. People belong to Rohini nakshatra will be good looking. 

Padha one of Rohini falls in the Aries navamsa which is ruled by Mars. They are very passionate people, and obviously calm. They can be spendthrifts and interested in material comforts. They will be interested in artistic activities. They will spend their time and energy in working hard in order to express their creativity. They are the doers of the zodiac. 

Padha two of Rohini falls in Taurus navamsa ruled by Venus. They are interested in creativity and sensual pleasures and have a very attention to cleanliness and hygiene. They  will always look for the beauty and every opportunity to spend the time in luxurious life. They will be good in managing finances as well. 

Padha 3 of Rohini falls in Gemini navamsa ruled by Mercury can be called as late bloomers , but they will be artistic and creative also. They can get discouraged due to the later success, but there is nothing to worry as they will better as they grow older. As they are ruled by mercury they will have a mind to communicate and do business. 

Padha 4 of Rohini falls in Cancer navamsa ruled by Moon. People on this path are also artistic and creative and craving for security and luxurious life. They will be interested in learning Vedic texts. They also can be good in managing finances. They can be good caretakers as well. 

Career Options for Rohini Nakshatra 

Teachers, voice coaches , Agriculture, farming; all kinds of jobs related with growing, handling and processing of food; sex therapists; jewelers; beauticians; fashion and cosmetic industry workers; leisure and entertainment industry; musicians; artists; herbalists; botanists; transportation business; financiers and bankers; food production, distribution and packaging; shipping and textile industry; tourism; automobile industry; interior decorators; gemstone dealers; all professions related with liquids and aquatic products


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